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Ashley McBryde Likes to "Drunk Download" Music

August 21, 2018

"People" did a "what to know" feature on Ashley McBryde. There's a lot of good stuff, but let's start with how she discovers new music.

Quote, "I like to drunk download things when I'm out at night and then I have a surprise the next day." She gave an example of how that works. I'm sitting across from you and I go, 'What are you listening to?'  And you go, 'Man, this Tyler Childers album is great', and I say, 'Great, don't tell me anything else about it.' And I download it and I'll listen to it tomorrow."

A few other things "to know" about her include:  She grew up on a cattle farm in the Ozarks . . . she's the youngest of six siblings . . . she got rejected from "The Voice" and "American Idol" . . . and she recorded an album "in the sanctuary of a church."