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Dustin Lynch on Going from Playing Frat Parties, to Having Dozens of Employees

September 25, 2018

There's something interesting that happens to country artists when they start doing really well. There's a moment when they realize they're not just a performer, they're also an employer with people counting on them for a paycheck. Dustin Lynch was recently talking about that. Quote, "Life has changed. I've gotta keep all my success to buy diapers for all these guys. It's changed a lot. It's gone from just me and my buds in my Ford Excursion playing frat parties and worried about where our next Waffle House stop is gonna be and more cold beer, to now having dozens of people that rely on us to keep this train going."

It's not something that drags him down, though.  If anything, it's just the opposite. Quote, "I love the drive of having pressure. It's something that keeps me going and gives me life and a reason to wake up and work hard."