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Everything We Know About Jimmie Allen's Debut, 'Mercury Lane'

October 5, 2018

Jimmie Allen is set to release his much-anticipated debut album, Mercury Lane, this fall! The up-and-coming singer-songwriter has been making big waves since he dropped his debut single, "Best Shot," in 2017. More than half of Allen's 15-track album was co-written by the artist.

It's been a long road for Allen, who lived in his car for a time when he first came to Nashville. He nods to his friends and family back home for the success that he is finding today.

Below, we've rounded up all the details about Mercury Lane. Read on to learn everything we know about the album!

The Title

Allen named his album Mercury Lane after the street where he grew up, the place he says created him as a person.

"Mercury Lane is where my journey began. All of the fundamental life lessons that shaped my values and make me who I am today, I was taught on that street, its where I learned about love, family, life, how to believe in myself, the concept of never giving up, following your dreams and being a good person,” Allen shares in a press release. “This album touches on all of those ideals and truly feels like I’m sharing a piece of my heart with the world. I’ve been working toward this moment for so long; I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

The Release Date

Mercury Lane will be released on Oct. 12

Jimmie Allen, Mercury Lane Track Listing:

“American Heartbreaker” (Jimmie Allen, Lance Miller, Chris Stevens, Ash Bowers)

“Make Me Want To” (Jimmie Allen, Paul Sikes, Jennifer Denmark)

“Deserve to Be” (Jimmie Allen, Danielle Blakey, Tripp Howell)

“How to Be Single” (Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally, Jimmy Robbins)

“Wait for It” (Ash Bowers, Thom McHugh, Steve Williams)

“High Life” (Lance Miller, Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Chris Stevens)

“21” (Brandon Hood, Josh Jenkins, Ash Bowers)

“Underdogs” (Ash Bowers, Brandon Lay, Jonathan Singleton)

“Like You Do” (Jimmie Allen, JP Williams, Josh London, Jason Mizell)

“Back of Your Mind” (Jimmie Allen, Matthew McVaney, Devin Tolentino)

“Boy Gets a Truck” (Ash Bowers, Aaron Scherz)

“County Lines” (Brett Tyler, Ben Burgess, Matt Dragstrem)

“Best Shot” (Jimmie Allen, Josh London, JP Williams)

“Warrior” (Jimmie Allen, Casey Beathard, Ash Bowers)

“All Tractors Ain’t Green” (Jimmie Allen, Brandon Hood, Tim Nichols)