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Redneck Woman Gretchen Wilson Was Arrested for Causing a Disturbance on a Flight

August 23, 2018

Gretchen Wilson caused a disturbance on a flight to Connecticut on Tuesday and was arrested after she landed at Bradley International Airport, near Hartford. She was in town to do a private show at Mohegan Sun casino.

According to reports,she was flying first class and wanted to use the bathroom, but there was only one on the plane and someone else beat her to it.  They exchanged words . . . and there was some shoving. But Gretchen wouldn't let it go. She kept staring down the aisle and "exchanging threatening hand gestures" with the other passenger. Flight attendants had to warn her to stop. It's not clear if they said anything to the other passenger.

The crew decided to alert authorities, so the Connecticut State Police were waiting when the flight landed.  As the cops were talking to Gretchen she supposedly threw her hands in the air and demanded to be arrested. That demand was met.  She was charged with "second degree breach of peace" and her bail was set at $1,000. 

Check out the video below: