Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Here's How the Late Tom Petty Inspired a New Kip Moore Song

October 16, 2018

Kip Moore is releasing an EP called "Room To Spare: The Acoustic Sessions" on November 16th.  The "acoustic" idea came from fans who kept asking for it, and he kept hinting about it . . . until he finally made it happen. It features a stripped-down version of "Plead The Fifth" from his "Slowheart" album, plus six never-before-released tracks.  He brought in Charlie Worsham to help him write some of the new songs, including one called "It Ain't California". 

Kip talked to "American Songwriter" about that one. He wrote the first version a while back but hated the lyrics. But Charlie loved the melody and wanted to do it. They tossed around some ideas and then got inspiration from an unlikely place.

Quote, "We were discussing our sadness over Tom Petty passing, which trailed into classic songs in general. Before you know it, we're re-writing it with those concepts in mind, with the backbone being that it'll never be the same without Petty."