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Kane Brown And His Wife Are Getting Pressured To Make Babies From Who?

November 12, 2018

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn Jae, haven't even passed the one-month anniversary of their Oct. 12 wedding yet—but, as might be expected, the newlyweds are already getting the expected question: "When are you going to have a baby?"

That's a question one wouldn't be surprised to field from grandparents and aunties, but in Mr. and Mrs. Brown's case, the query came from an unexpected (and un-related) source. "Jason and Brittany [Aldean]," admits Brown, in an interview with Taste of Country.

The fellow country star's wife, who is expecting her second child in February, clearly wants the Browns to join in the fun! "She keeps asking if we're having one," Brown notes.

Brown, however, isn't so sure they are in that headspace yet. In fact, he says they probably won't be ready for quite a while. "Kaetlyn wants to wait until she's, like, 30," he says of his 26-year-old wife, and adds that he's fine with that timeline. "I'm not complaining."

Brown says he'd eventually like to have "one or two kids," but for right now, the couple's two dogs are keeping them busy.