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Luke Combs' Family Isn't Impressed with His Fame

September 19, 2018

Every star will tell you the best ego check in the world is hanging out with their family. They don't care who you are, except when you're passing out concert tickets or buying them an expensive Christmas gift. Then you're swell.

It's something Luke Combs has noticed, and he's okay with it.  Quote, "It's no different than when I went home five or six years ago. I visited my grandma [and] she still watches her soap opera every day at noon. I came in and she was like,'Well, what do you want for dinner? Do you want Chinese food or burgers?' It was the same as when I was living there playing open mic nights. They treat me no differently."

He says it's actually good to go back and be just another family member at the Thanksgiving table. Quote, "I try not to talk about music. If it comes up, fine, but most of the time we just hang out and around the new little cousins and stuff."