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Maren Morris Has Been Writing More "Grown-up" Lyrics Since Getting Married

May 15, 2018

Maren Morris has been writing music for her next album, so  "Rolling Stone" asked if getting married has changed her lyrical approach. She said, quote, "The lyrics are more grown-up. I recorded my debut album when I was 24, and I'm 28 now. Doesn't feel like that long ago, but a lot has happened in that chunk of time.  I'm in a healthier headspace [and> less judgmental of myself."

She's been feeling the pressure to make sure her second album doesn't fall flat. Fortunately, she got some great advice from KEITH URBAN about that.  He told her not to overthink it. He said every album is a snapshot of that artist's life at that time so "focus on being there" and then move on. She definitely sounds ready to get going. Quote, "I'm just gonna go into a dark studio for a week and begin this sonic exploration."

One more thing about Maren . . .She'll be joining Zedd and Grey to perform their song "The Middle" at Sunday's "Billboard Music Awards".

BAY-BUH! We’re pulling out the stops with this one. This Sunday night! #TheMiddle_BBMAs ✨✨✨

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