Terry Wyatt / Stringer

A Second Garth Show? It's Happening!

December 15, 2018

1 hour and 28 mins is all it took for Garth Brooks to sell out U.S. Bank Stadium on Friday morning. 

Apparently, there were about 50,000 fans who did not get tickets, and fans started noticing that they ended up on reseller sites starting at $170. Friday night, we got word that Governor Mark Dayton was going to try to reach out to Garth Brooks to try to get a second show for Minnesotans. Once we put the new out there about Governor Dayton, Garth shared our social media posts on his Twitter and Facebook. 


After Garth shared our post, Governor Mark Dayton made his official request via his social media accounts trying to get Garth to stay the weekend for a second show. 

Garth certainly did get the message, and it looks like there is going to be a second show. No date has been selected yet, but this is great news for the many fans who did not get tickets on Friday morning!