Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Having To Be On A Song With A Male To Get A Number 1 Song

November 13, 2018

In a interview with The Washington Post, Miranda Lambert gave her stance on the lack of women on country radio, and even her own lack of radio success aside from her recent #1 with Jason Aldean. She said, “Yes, I had to sing with someone with a penis to get a number one. I do like this person, Jason Aldean, a lot . . . so it was a great song with an old friend.”

She also told the Washington Post, “It is interesting that I haven’t had even a Top 20 in a long, long time. And then it goes No. 1 because it’s a dude,” she said. “But you know — if we went and looked at how many singles or records were sold for the Top 10 songs right now, I’d probably triple it on record sales. So it doesn’t matter.”

“Drowns the Whiskey” is also nominated for three CMA awards.