Mitchell Tenpenny Cried the First Time an Audience Sang Along to "Drunk Me"

October 25, 2018

You know when you go to a concert and you're singing along to every word of your favorite song?  Artists can hear you do that, and they love it.  And new artists, well, that's the exact kind of validation they've been dying for.  So when "Billboard" asked Mitchell Tenpenny about his favorite performance of "Drunk Me", that's where he went. Quote, "It was the first time we heard it sung back, at Chicago LakeShake.  We had a full crowd, and when I started singing the first words I had everyone singing it back. I started crying. It was hard for me to even hit the first chorus. That's everything you dream about. I turned around, looked at the band and said, 'This is why we do this.'"  

"Drunk Me" made the "Billboard" Top 10 this week, so he's probably already used to seeing fans singing along. But you should still do it. Here's something else that's interesting about Mitchell.  He was born and raised in Nashville, and always wanted to do music, but not the country kind. Quote, "In middle school I started with a rock band called Reserved. I did that and did the hardcore, emo, screaming scene, and then came back home to a singer-songwriter of country once I got into college."