People Are Outraged About Nordstrom's Taped, Dirty-Looking Shoes On Sale For $530

September 21, 2018

Buying "Dad shoes" is one thing. But purchasing new shoes with dirt and tape already on them, is absolutely ridiculous! Not to mention they cost more than $500! If you want these shoes, you can pay me $50 and I'll dirty them up and tape them for you!

According to plenty of shoppers who are sharing their anger on social media in response to a pair of shoes being sold on Nordstrom's site for $530. The Golden Goose sneakers, dubbed the "Superstar Taped Sneaker," says the shoe is, "Crumply, hold-it-all-together tape" and "a grungy rubber cupsole." In other words, the shoe looks just like mine did when I was kid. 

Italian brand Golden Goose also offers plenty of other worn-looking sneakers for upwards of $500. They have a collection that, as it says on their website, includes footwear that combine "a refined and modern style with a vintage feeling." If for some weird reason you want to buy these shoes you can't. They are SOLD OUT! Check out the photo of the shoes below.