Debate: Are Cheetos Actually Chips?

A question for the ages.

October 24, 2019

It's a question that has sparked debate down the ages: is a Cheeto a chip? 

This was the subject of discussion in the 830 WCCO newsroom today after one our reporters — Sloane Martin — got into a Twitter debate with her husband on the topic, as depicted in the video above this post.

The internet consensus seems to be that Cheetos are technically corn puffs because the process used to make them — a batter is forced through an extruder, building heat and pressure causing them to "pop" into the puff shape. 

But, if we're going by industry definitions, then tortilla chips aren't even chips, but rather crisps, or corn based crips. And consider this — if someone at a dinner table asks you to pass the tortilla chips, and the product is labeled as tortilla chips, is the person wrong to call it that? We think not.

So let the debate the debate continue, and take your stand here.