Ashley McBryde Is Proud To Be Considered Among Her Favorite Albums At The 2020 CMAs

'These are records that I have listened to top to bottom over and over again'

September 8, 2020

Hey girl, hey!

Ashley McBryde gave a shout to RADIO.COM's Kelly Ford at NY's Country 94.7 in NYC as the Labor Day Weekend was kicking off -- and as Kelly was waiting in line at the DMV, finally transferring her license from Nashville to NYC.

Ashley should be considered the "Belle of the CMA Ball" this year with three big nominations -- Female Vocalist of the YearAlbum of the Year, and Musical Event of the Year -- and the Arkansas native is thrilled to be a part of this year's festivities.

"Isn't that crazy dude? To go from New Artist of the Year and then my little round face next to Miranda and Carrie up on Female Vocalist of the Year. This is crazy," Ashley tells Kelly. "I love it though. Every day is a freaking adventure and I don't know. I'm still on cloud nine. It's been days and I'm still on cloud nine about it."

Like being asked to choose her favorite child, Ashley admits it's hard to pick which award she is most excited for. However, being included in a list of as prestigious as this year's Album of the Year contenders it seems the decision was made for her.

"When I look at the Album of the Year category," Ashley says, "these are records that I have listened to top to bottom over and over again. And my record is in there too, which means somebody else listened to my record over and over -- enough people that it wound up in that category."

"I think Album of the Year is always many of our favorites to watch because it is a body of work. For us to look at these and go, 'we really appreciated these this year,' that's huge to me."

Be sure to catch the 2020 CMAs airing live on ABC on November 11. Hosts and co-hosts for the show have not yet been announced.

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