Build-A-Bear Launching 'Harry Potter' Collection on a Very Special Date

August 28, 2020

Build-A-Bear has unveiled a new "Harry Potter" collection that will be available in stores this fall.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and store closures, it will be available early online starting September 2nd. A date that Potter fans might find significant because it's the date after Hogwarts students return for a new school year and the date of their banquet before classes begin.

“We are thrilled to be bringing the magic of the Wizarding World to Build-A-Bear Workshop,” Jennifer Kretchmar, Chief Digital & Merchandising Officer for Build-A-Bear said. “'Harry Potter' fans are sure to be spell-bound by the 'Harry Potter' bear, house robes and Hogwarts uniforms, and bear-sized wands—and more magical clothing and accessories to come. This enchanting collection is perfect for all ages!”

Customers will be able to dress pears in robes from each Hogwarts house. They also come complete with golden paws, the official Harry Potter logo, and the Hogwarts crest.

You get the choice of a brown, or black wand, as well.

The bears will be available here.

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