Keith Urban Said 'The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said' to Taylor Swift About 'Lover'

Real recognizes real for Swift’s new song

August 19, 2019

Taylor Swift revealed the latest sample of her seventh studio album on Friday, the swaying and strumming love song, “Lover.”

The title track put several people deep in their feelings, including Entertainer Of The Year Keith Urban. The “We Were” singer poured on the praise for Swift in a tweet on Saturday, tipping his hat to Taylor for her songwriting and style.

“Huge shout out today to Taylor Swift on the SUPERB new single LOVER,” he wrote. “When a song so exquisitely written becomes a record so gorgeously crafted I feel such a deep sense of gratitude for the “art” of making music.”

Swift was quick to recognize the compliment, calling it “the nicest thing anyone has ever said.”

“Lover” is co-produced by Jack Antonoff, and is the latest sample from an album Swift has called a “love letter to love.” In a string of tweets after the release, Antonoff offered a little background on the making of the song.

“Taylor wrote every stitch of this song and came in and played it for me - just a perfect moment to hear what she had done alone the night before,” he wrote. “When someone brings in a song that speaks so much just on a piano it’s rare to imagine production around, but then we started playing with space echo reverb on a snare hit really hard with a brush.”

Swift has also revealed the full tracklist for Lover, featuring 18 songs and including the rumored collaboration with the Dixie Chicks. Lover is due out on Friday August 23.

1. I Forgot That You Existed
2. Cruel Summer
3. Lover
4. The Man
5. The Archer
6. I Think He Knows
7. Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince
8. Paper Rings
9. Cornelia Street
10. Death By a Thousand Cuts
11. London Boy
12. Soon You'll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks)
13. False God
14. You Need to Calm Down
15. Afterglow
16. ME! (feat. Brendon Urie)
17. It's Nice to Have a Friend
18. Daylight