Oreo's New Collaboration Features a Glittery Pink Creme Filling

March 1, 2020

Oreo’s new flavor will make you do a double take. They’ve just collaborated with Trolls to create a colorful new cookie.

Oreo took to Instagram on February 18 to announce that they would be teaming up with “Trolls World Tour” to create a cookie that is sure to shine. The cookies, taking after Trolls’ wacky colors and costume designs, will feature a pink, glittery creme center.

There’s no missing this cookie, as it features a golden cookie outside and the aforementioned pink, glittery center. The packaging is also tough to miss, with pink and yellow coloring throughout paired with shiny, silver “Oreo” lettering, Yahoo reports.

There’s no indication that the flavors of the cookie will be different, but fans are intrigued to get a taste of a bright and sparkly creme filling.

The cookies are set to hit shelves sometime in March.

This isn’t the first time Oreo has rolled out something bright and wacky in favor of a killer collaboration. Supreme and Oreo have teamed up for their highly coveted, super pricey Supreme cookies.

The variety features a bright red cookie with the typical Oreo creme filling. The cookies quickly swept social media, with fans of both the cookie and the high-end fashion brand hoping to get their hands on one of the limited edition cookies.

The collab drew both praise and ire from Twitter users everywhere, with many expressing their excitement and others wondering what on earth Oreo was thinking.

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