PSA: Stop Licking Ice Cream

Wolf Wake Up Crew: Lick The Lyrics

July 15, 2019

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The Wolf Wake Up Crew has a Public Service Announcement for anyone at the grocery store who thinks, even for a second, that they should lick ice cream and put in back in the freezer. 


But, since going viral is more important to some than breaking the law and spreading germs, Mandy, Greg Thunder and PT decided that they needed to harmonize their PSA to really get the point across. 

Watch out, Weird Al. These remixes of Ice Ice Baby, Beer Never Broke My Heart and Old Town Road are some of the most important parodies of 2019. 

Check out the videos on our Instagram page. 

With every crazy person this summer camping with ice cream, we thought we would lick the lyrics! Songs about ice cream lickers and Greg #nailit! #icecreamchallenge

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