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Taylor Swift Performed with Maren Morris on Friday, and Sugarland on Saturday

October 8, 2018

Taylor Swift wrapped the U.S. leg of her Reputation Tour over the weekend in Arlington, Texas. And she had some big time guests join her. On Friday, she brought Maren Morris to the stage, and they performed "The Middle" the pop hit that Maren did with Zedd and Grey.  Maren posted a clip of it on Instagram.

On Saturday, Taylor had Sugarland join her for their song "Babe". It was the first time they've ever performed it together in public, and Taylor was into it, down to the choreographed dance at the end. (Here's a clip.)

Rooted in country, 90s babies, genre-bending, unapologetic. I look up a whole lot to how you’ve made a career and I hope to someday achieve even a percent of what you’ve so gracefully cultivated @taylorswift . You know no boundaries, and that’s what music should be about. So happy to have gotten to spend the day with you and your beautiful family. ----

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SUGARLAND WAS THE GUEST AND THEY PLAYED BABE I CANT OMG #taylorswift @taylorswift @sugarland #sugarland #babe #red #rep #reputation #reptourarlington #reptour #reptourperth #reptourmelbourne #reputationtour #reputationstadiumtour

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While we're on the subject:  Kristian Bush was asked in an interview why Taylor gave them the song in the first place. He said it's all about "empowerment" and alluded to how Jennifer Nettles is such a strong presence in the duo.

Quote, "How do you create a space that empowers the woman the most?  And that's very Sugarland. That makes sense why she sent it and said, 'Hey guys, look, if you guys are getting back together, would you like this?'"