Thomas Rhett's Wife Lauren Took the High Road to Deal with an Internet Troll

October 23, 2018

Thomas Rhett's wife Lauren posted an adorable photo recently where she's holding their daughter Ada James, while her sister Macy holds the couple's other daughter, Willa Gray. The post got tons of love on Instagram, and, of course, one misguided comment on Lauren's parenting style. They wrote, "Anyone else notice that Macy is more of a mom to Willa than Lauren is?" 

Yes, the person saw one photo of Lauren's sister holding Willa, and then made a sweeping generalization. But Lauren took the high road in her response. Quote, "Oh, I don't notice that.If you saw it from our personal life instead of through an Instagram feed you may feel differently. I am definitely Willa Gray's mama. She LOVES Macy, and all of [our> family, but Macy is her aunt. They are so close and it's precious."

sisters --on the most beautiful fall day --------❤️

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