Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Walker Hayes Went Through 10 Different Versions of "90's Country" Before It Was Finished

September 27, 2018

When you hear a great song you don't think about how long it took to write it, but when Walker Hayes says he spent two years putting together "90's Country", we want to hear about it.

As you know, it references 22 different songs from the '90s, so just researching it took forever. And then he went back and forth deciding which ones he wanted to include. He'd put something in, then take it out, then put it back in. Quote, "[We] came up with at least 10 different versions of that song that no one will hear. There was one version where there were forty-something references, and it was like a minute-long rap of just '90s country titles or little like nods to it and stuff."

Once he was done, he knew he had something special. Quote, "What was really crazy is as soon as we finished this song, and we said, 'Hey, it's going to be the next single,' all over social media, people were like, 'Oh, '90s this, '90s that. People were bringing up all kinds of stuff. One of my band members said, 'I think there's something divine going on with the song, because I see '90s everywhere.'"