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What Wine Goes With What Girl Scout Cookie

March 13, 2018

“Wine drinkers have been told for decades that you pair white wine with fish, red wine with meat, and dessert wine with, of course, dessert—but wine has evolved far past these simplifications, and people are beginning to gravitate more towards the unexpected,” says Chantelle Pabros, fine wine specialist at Morrell and Company in New York City. So before you bite into your go-to Girl Scout cookie (we know you stocked up!), read up on which wine varieties you should be filling your glass with to perfectly suit your palate.



This golden-hued “golden goose” of the Girl Scout cookie world only deserves an equally impressive wine pairing. “We all know these little cookies get all the attention, and that’s because they’re amazing,” says Pabros. Her first pick? Champagne—specifically Taittinger Nocturne Sec. “This bubbly beverage isn’t just for special occasions—Taittinger’s rich and round flavor with notes of white peach and dried apricots couples effortlessly with the caramel in Samoas,” says Pabros.


Decadent in just about every way, the fresh mint flavor in this velvety, luscious cookie begs a bolder pairing like a deep red. “I’d go with a Malbec from Chile like Altamana,” suggests Pabros. “With its soft tannins and opulent fruit, this is a powerhouse that is rich and dense.” Another dark and dry option: California Cabernet Sauvignon. “The dark red stone fruits, menthol, and plums with a smooth finish and silky texture will go perfectly with the rich mint and dark chocolate flavors,” says Pabros.


For this cake-flavored cookie, a light-bodied white wine with floral and dry accents adds a nice and lively acidity. “Since this is a very versatile cookie, I’d recommend a Sequoia Grove Napa Valley Chardonnay,” says Pabros. “The fresh and harmonious fruit will offset the shortbread, leaving a lovely and lingering tangy flavor.” Hey—sometimes you need a cookie to pair with your wine, not always a wine to pair with your cookie!


Think about what kind of wine you’d want to enjoy with your Thanksgiving meal. Whether that’s white or red, you can go about pairing these Cranberry Citrus Crisps in a similar way. “I’d suggest a Rosé Bordeaux, like Château de Sours Rosé, because it’s one of the most texturally satisfying rosés out there,” says Pabros. “The limestone aging produces a delightful strawberry flavor with a creamy, refreshing finish.” For red wine lovers, she recommends a Bordeaux Rouge or Bordeaux Supérieur. “These wines bring a whole range of red fruits, from raspberries, cranberries, and even notes of Cherry Cola,” says Pabros.


If you’re going to go on the sweeter side with your wine pairing, peanut butter flavoring is the one to match it with. Pabros likes Croft Reserve Tawny Porto, which has a mix of sweet and spicy notes. “If sweet’s not your thing, try a Pinot Noir from Argentina—it’s just as compelling and wines from this region command serious attention with their plums and berries,” she says.


Another ideal champagne cookie! Need we say more? “The raisin and Greek yogurt combo is the perfect complement to the Champagne Taittinger Brut La Francaise,” says Pabros. “The chunks of sweet yogurt [in the cookie] playing on the texture of the champagne’s mousse (bubbles that blanket your palate) has got to be one of the best ideas of all time.”


The only way to make this creamy peanut butter-packed creation even better is to bring on the jam—in the form of a berry-licious wine. “Port really rules here again, so I’d recommend going with The Fonseca Bin 27 or the Taylor Fladgate Late Bottled Vintage Port,” says Pabros. “They’re both pretty powerful, full of black cherries and berries with a seductive depth and length.” Bonus: The five years of aging in wood for the Vintage Port makes it extra smooth.