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Friendship Manor Nursing Home Shakopee

These Shakopee Nursing Home Residents Are Looking for Pen Pals

Hi, it's Mandy from the Wolf Wake Up Crew. My grandpa Harold spent 16 years at the Friendship Manor Healthcare Center in Shakopee; that's where he died peacefully in February and it devasted my mom. My mom would visit him daily and she developed a very close relationship with the entire staff there... Read More
quarantine may lead to the death of the bra

Being in Quarantine May Lead to the Death of the Bra

You know how we used to joke about millennials "killing" everything? Over the last decade they've been blamed for killing everything from cereal to department stores. Now, we have the coronarivus to blame. According to The Guardian , working from home has given women a pretty good excuse to get... Read More
maren morris, maren morris mom-shamed, maren morris ryan hurd, ryan hurd, maren morris deletes baby pictures

Maren Morris Deletes All Pics of Baby Hayes After Being Mom-Shamed

When it comes to parenting, it seems you really can't win these days; especially if you're a mom. Not even celebrities like Maren Morris can escape the barrage of comments from other moms about how she parents her own child; you're either doing too much or too little or you're doing something that'... Read More
Chase Rice, Chase Rice coronavirus, Chase Rice concert

Chase Rice Responds to COVID Concert Controversy

After facing a barrage of backlash from fellow country stars and fans over a concert he held in Tennesse over the weekend, Chase Rice took to Instagram to address the controversy. He says, "My biggest thing is y’all. Y’all are why I get to write songs, y’all are why I get to tour the country, why I... Read More
face mask, coronavirus insanity, woman thinks husband caught std from facemask

Poor Wisconsin Woman Thinks Husband Caught STD from Face Mask

When someone says or does something stupid about the coronavirus or, we call them a "covidiot;" when someone says something related to the coronavirus and sexually transmitted diseases, we call them...a "clamidiot." At least that's what one person called a Wisconsin woman who made a comment on a... Read More