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water bottle warning

Water Bottle Warning Issued as High Temperatures Hit

If you have bottles of water in your car, you'll want to remove them immediately. Yes, the need to stay hydrated this time of year is extremely important, but so is keeping your car from starting on fire. According to Fox 17 , leaving a plastic bottle of water in your steamy; hot car and in direct... Read More
bacon smores

Bacon S'Mores are Here to Make Backyard Bonfires Beyond Better

Surely you've heard the saying, "bacon makes everything better," or is it, "everything is better with bacon?" It doesn't matter the order of the words, what matters is that it's the truth; and these bacon s'mores are proof. And we're not talking about just adding bacon to the ooey-gooey goodness... Read More
Avoid Being Tired By Simply Ignoring Your Co-Workers

Avoid Being Tired By Simply Ignoring Your Co-Workers

We all have them, co-workers who suck the life out of us. The excessive talkers, know-it-alls, backstabbers, noise makers, brown nosers, gossip queens and over-sharers leave us so drained at the end of the day that we barely have the will to live. OK, that's a bit dramatic, but the truth is, co-... Read More
Facebook fight

Monticello Facebook Page Erupts in Chaos Over Public Shaming Photo

It seems we can't go anywhere these days without somebody watching our every move. A recent Facebook post in the "What's Really Happening in Monticello, MN?" page was proof of that. The post, which has since been deleted, started with a photo of a younger gentleman who appeared to be under the age... Read More
face app, russian face app

This Is What Happens to Your Photos After Using the Face App

Sheeple, we are all sheeple. That's what some people are saying after the entire internet jumped on board and took the viral #faceappchallenge to see what they would look like 50 years from now. It didn't take long for someone to point out how surprised they were that no one was calling out the app... Read More
Grain Belt Blu

Tiny Braham Bar's Grain Belt Blu Milkshake is Totally to Die For

You know what goes perfectly with a hot summer day? A milkshake. But, not just any milkshake; a boozy milkshake. And we're not talking about a mud slide or a grasshopper; NOPE. We're talking about the Very Blu Milkshake from the Braham Pizza Pub. Created by the pub's manager, Sam, it's exactly what... Read More
get paid to eat junk food

Get Paid $6,000 To Eat All the Junk Food You Want for a Month

You know how some medical experts say that multivitamins don't work or provide any kind of health benefit? Well, one health company is setting out to prove that their vitamins DO work. According to The Sun, the health food company Feel is offering people more than $6,000 to eat nothing but junk... Read More
target is selling halloween decor

Trick or Treat? Target is Already Selling Halloween Stuff

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Target is indeed selling Halloween decorations smack dab in the middle of summer, primarily online; with stuff like indoor and outdoor decor, costumes and candy set to be shipped to the store on September 8th. According to Delish , you can buy stuff from last... Read More
white claw crane game el hefe scottsdale

OH.MY.CLAWED! A White Claw Game Exists and We're Dying to Play It

You know those crane games you loved to play as a kid? You know the ones, with the claw that would drop down and grab stuffed animals and other fun toys? Well, much like the piñata that spews booze , someone finally decided to make a version of the game for adults. According to Whiskey Riff , El... Read More