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Wolfpack Alert

THUNDER & PT chat with Gator Hunter Cory Klocek

We chatted with hunter Cory Klocek who got a 10-point buck opening weekend AND a 3 foot alligator as well! Cory is a Veteran (and Wolfpack member!) so we thanked him for his service and for joining us today on his birthday! Happy Birthday Cory! Take a listen from as Cory walks us through the moment... Read More
Wolfpack Alert

Help Levi get his wheelchair back

On a serious note - we’re asking you for a favor today. 2 year old Levi has Cerebral Palsy and his wheelchair was stolen from him and his family in West St Paul the other night. We’re asking for you to share the post on our Facebook page in hopes that it will be found. We reached out to his family... Read More
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Hastings Woman Named World's Fastest Backwards Speller

The mind works in mysterious ways, and here's all the proof you need. Meet Pal Onnen of Hastings; Pal just broke the Guiness World record for her backwards spelling abilities. According to UPI , she was able to spell an astonishing 56 words, backwards, in 60 seconds. You have to hear it to believe... Read More
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Suprise! Luke Combs is a Married Man

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Luke Combs had always insisted that he wasn't going to let it stop him from marrying his best friend, Nicole; and this weekend, that's exactly what he did. Luke revealed the suprising news Sunday morning (August 2nd) on Instagram. Yesterday was the best day of... Read More