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Mc Donald's Chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets, how many shapes of nuggets are there, chicken nugget shapes

TIL: McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Come in Four Shapes

Are you prepared to never look at McDonald's chicken McNuggets the same way...ever again? Who am I kidding, you probably don't have time to look at them because you're way too busy shoving all that meaty; crispy goodness in your mouth; but I'm going to challenge you to do some investigating the... Read More
People Love a Gift More If It's Poorly Wrapped

People Will Love Your Gifts More If They're Poorly Wrapped

If you're a parent, have your kids ever begged to help you wrap Christmas presents? Instead of telling them "no" because you might think they're just getting in the way (that's why I was always told I couldn't help), let them wrap them ALL...except for theirs of course. If you trust them with... Read More
Edina, Edina Minnesota, worst city in every state, cake eater

Edina Dethrones St. Cloud as the Worst City in Minnesota

If you totally get why I used a picture of a guy eating cake as the featured image for this post, then there's a pretty good chance that you're just one of the many people in Minnesota who hate Edina, home of the cake eaters. "Every day I need attention" is their motto and now "worst city in... Read More
halloween petition, petition for day off of school after halloween, petition to move halloween, national trick or treat day

Should Minnesota Schools Be Closed the Day After Halloween?

Remember when you found out that there was a petition to move Halloween to the last Saturday of the month? And then, you found out that someone wanted to take it a step further and create a "National Trick-Or-Treat Day?" Now, there's this- according to Fox 8 , kids, and probably teachers too, are... Read More