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10 of the Best Reactions to Minnesota's Record Breaking Snowfall

Minnesotans have some serious opinions about record breaking snow.

February 20, 2019

Congratulations, Minnesnowtans; we did it....!?

According to WCCO, it's officially the snowiest February EVER. As of right now, we've accumulated just over 30" of snow, beating the previous record of 26.5" in 1962. 

After making the official announcement on Facebook, it didn't take long for people from across the Twin Cities to share their excitement, or lack there of, about the news. 

Here are the ten best reactions to our record breaking snowfall. 

  • I want to break records for the warmest March!! 
  • So, what do we get as a prize? More snow?

  • We're #1, We're #1!

  • Good, weeds out the non-Minnesotans. 

  • "Yesssssssss," Nobody

  • You say it like it's a good thing.

  • Ummm...yay?

  • Fake news, it's 70 and clear in Big Lake.

  • And I should be excited why? Wanna come clean out my driveway in celebration? 

  • I'm waiting for April...impatiently.

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