White Claw, ain't no laws when you're drinking the claws

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102.9 the Wolf Sister Station Petitions for White Claw in Break Room Vending Machines

August 19, 2019

They say "there ain't no laws when you're drinking the Claws," but our sister stations in Houston are trying to make it a law to add the official drink of #hotgirlsummer 2019 to their break room vending machines. 

DJ Kyle King says, 

"Our vending machines here at Entercom Houston are stocked with all sorts of delicious, refreshing sodas, quick pick me up energy drinks, and some healthier options like water, juice, and green tea. But what we're lacking here is a variety of crisp, refreshing, delicious White Claws.

Allowing us to have White Claws here at work would benefit all employees of legal drinking limits. Also, since we have multiple radio stations here, we could get away with a lot more and skirt those pesky FCC laws because as we all know, "Ain't No Laws When You're Drinking Claws!"

King has created a petition on Change.org where he's already gotten 5 supporters in 10 hours (we're not sure if that's a lot or not) and some local listeners have chimed in saying that they would love to contribute to the cause because their favorite radio DJs deserve to be happy. 

We 100% support this effort anyone else who is fighting for change in their communities.