winter storm warning

© Bryon Houlgrave

37 Things to Do Indoors While Mother Nature Reminds Us That She Hates Us

We're officially ready to be snowed in.

March 7, 2019

With another round of snow expected to hit Minnesota this weekend, it's time to sit down with the fam' and discuss calmly and rationally how you plan to spend your time being snowed in together. Doing this in advance should really help in preventing all of you from wanting to theoretically kill one another because you've already spent way too much time cooped up in doors. 

If you're already having a hard time coming up with something to do, here's a list to inspire you. Special thanks to the Wyoming Police Department who came up with the idea to put this list together; they even came up with the headline. 

Here are 37 things to do indoors while mother nature reminds us that she hates us:

1. watch Netflix

2. drink wine

3. build a pillow fort

4. sew

5. reorganize your room

6. go through you crap in the basement

7. have a tea party with the kids

8. throw an underpants dance in your living room...or just have a dance party

9. take a long, hot bath

10. play board games

12. bake, bake, bake, bake, bake (to the tune of Rihanna's "Work")

13. watch old movies

14. snuggle with your puppy

15. stock up on fireball and coors light and just wait it out

16. can be a book or on your phone

17. nap so hard that when you wake up you have no idea what day or time it is

18. do some laundry

19. get caught up on chores

20. clean out your inbox

21. Plan your escape

22. speaking of planning, maybe it's time to plan a vacation

23. workout

24. clean out the DVR

25. binge watch Game of Thrones so you're caught up by the series finale in April

26. check out a new series on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime

27. drink heavily and do some online shopping

28. spend the day in denial by wearing your summer clothes and drinking summery drinks

29. Go Marie Kondo on at least 2 of your rooms

30. make it a spa day

31. finish a home project that you started 6 months ago

32. see how creative you can get with the food that's in your fridge and see who can come up with the best recipe/meal

33. learn how to do something new by watching YouTube videos

34. play table top bags and drink beer...a lot of it

35. speaking of drinking pong

36. play cards

37. make a baby?