Hazardous Road Conditions

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42 Thoughts I Had While Nervously Driving Across Wisconsin on Sunday

I don't ever want to make this drive again.

February 24, 2019

I'll be the first to admit that I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but driving home from Illinois today had to be one of the biggest. 


Well, here's a complete list of thoughts I had while making the drive from Rockford to Minneapolis. My boyfriend is lucky he's worth the back and forth, but let me just say this- there is nothing more stressful than packing up your entire life and moving it across state lines; especially during the winter months. 

Here are the 42 thoughts I had while nervously driving from Illinois to Minnesota on Sunday:

1. You'll be fine.

2. See, this isn't so bad

3. It's a good thing I left early

4. Maybe the media was exaggerating the road conditions for today.

5. Should I pull over and double check the road conditions report for today?

6. Sure looking forward to getting a new car this week.

7. Oh s--t, here comes the wind.

8. Holy crap, I can't see a thing.

9. Whoa Nelly, hold on tight.

10. Take your time, your house isn't going anywhere.

11. For the love of god, go around me.

12. Wonder when I'll get feeling back in my knuckles?

13. I wonder if Tanner and his girlfriend are OK? 

14. Why did I drive to Rockford again?

15. I'm never driving to Rockford again. 

16. Rockford friends are just going to have to come visit me. 

17. This is the worst drive ever. 

18. I just want to be home already.

19. I am so over winter. 

20. I wonder how many calories I'm burning just by tensing my body the entire drive?

21. Oh you wanna drive 80 in your fancy Audi? I hope you end up in a ditch. 

22. People drive like idiots. 

23. Finally, wet roads. 

24. Damn it, they're ice and snow covered again. 

25. Maybe the roads will get better when I get closer to Minnesota?

26. Whoa geez, that gust of wind almost knocked me right off the road. 

27. Please stay in your lane, please stay in your lane (as I'm passing a semi).

28. Am I there yet?

29. You can do this! 

30. OMG, I can't do this! 

31. I should've just called off tomorrow. 

32. You're basically risking your life for the show tomorrow. 

33. Stop being so dramatic. 

34. Man, I could really go for a beef stick right now. 

35. It's a good thing I have 4WD. 

36. Ooh, yes, dry roads. 

37. Damn it, how are they ice and snow covered again? 

38. I'm gonna need a nap after this. 

39. Please don't die. 

40. I have never been more happy to be home. 

41. I'm never moving again. 

42. Are you kidding me? I drove all the way to Rockford to give Jason two checks and you still have them? IDIOT! 

Yep. That is so me. I drove all the way to Rockford to get my car detailed, pack up some more things and give Jason some money; and because I was so stressed out about the drive today, I forgot to do all of it.  Sigh. 

How were the roads for you?