Garth Brooks Talks About How He Found His Calling On 'The Late Show'

Plus the song he thinks is more relevant today than ever before

November 30, 2018
Garth Brooks performs at Notre Dame stadium for historic first-ever concert

© Marcus Snowden/For IndyStar

Country music fans are gearing up for the broadcast of Garth: Live At Notre Dame! Garth Brooks played the first-ever concert at the venerable college football stadium in South Bend, Indiana last month.

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Brooks stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about how he found his true calling in music. He told Colbert the story about how he started playing guitar in a local bar after realizing he was one credit short of graduating from Oklahoma State University – which he learned after attending the ceremony.

“The great thing was you weren’t working,” Brooks said about performing. “That’s what the great thing was. ‘Wait a minute. I can feed myself and somebody I love doing something that isn’t a job? Count me in on this one.’”

Brooks also talked about how taking time off to help raise his daughters affected him, and why his song “We Shall Be Free” is even more relevant today than it was when he first released it in 1992.

Garth: Live at Notre Dame will air Sunday at 8:00pm on CBS.