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Kris Jester via Facebook

Columbia Heights Resident Makes the Most of the Snow With a 'Monsters Inc' Mural

Now this is our idea of building a wall.

March 5, 2019

If you've said to yourself in the last week or two, "we are running out of places to put all of this snow;" I know exactly where you can take it- to a neighborhood in Columbia Heights. 

That's where local resident, Kris Jester, spotted this Monsters Inc mural made out of snow on 48th and Madison. She shared it in the Columbia Heights/Fridley Rants and Rave Facebook page, where it's getting a great response. 

Monsters Inc Mural
Kris Jester via Facebook

If you live in the neighborhood, you should definitely take the kids by to see it; and maybe it will inspire you to make your very own.