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Conspiracy Theorist Believes that Birds Aren't Real; Are Actually Drones...Yes, Really

July 22, 2019

Between the Russians and their Face App, the raid on Area 51 event and the anniversary of the Moon Landing over the weekend, it seems that conspiracy theorists are coming out in droves with their crazy claims about spies, aliens, faked antics; and now one this- birds aren't real. 

That's according to Peter McIndoe of Memphis. 

WREG News says that McIndoe has always had a distrust of birds and joined the “bird truthers” movement back in 2015.

He is such a believer that he put up a billboard in Memphis that says "Birds Aren't Real."  He claims they're all drones that are spying on us, and a lot of people think it's just a joke.  But he claims he's very serious in this very awkward interview below. 

564 S Highland St. Memphis, TN • July 1st - July 31st

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Are you convinced that birds aren't real?