Jason Momoa

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Cookie Sales Skyrocket After Girl Scout Turns Samoas into Momoas

This Girl Scout is going places.

February 20, 2019

Parents of Girl Scouts who've been posting on your Facebook page that "Today’s the day!! Cookies are on sale! Let me know what you need. Laylah is very excited to sell this year," pay attention because...you're doing it wrong. 

OK, you're not really doing it wrong, but I've recently learned that there's a better way to market your daughter's Girl Scout Cookies; and it's with a shirtless picture of Jason Momoa.

According to Fox News, that's precisely what Colorado Girl Scout, Charlotte Holmberg, did.  With the help of her mom, who works in marketing, she turned Samoas into "Momoas," because obviously. 

Holmberg says they're a big hit, even with boys, who want them because "Aquaman" is their favorite superhero. 

Hopefully they hold on to the box as a keepsake, because Holmberg won't be making any more boxes. In a statement I received from the Girl Scouts when asking to share Holmberg's photo, they informed me that the boxes started as an inside joke for her family and she only created a limited number to sell. 

"Thank you for your inquiry! This Colorado Girl Scout did a unique take on a Girl Scout Cookie flavor using a pre-existing image from the internet of actor Jason Mamoa to cover several dozen cookie boxes as an inside joke with her friends and family. She has sold her supply of 35 boxes or so, and is no longer using the image to sell cookies – though her cookie season is ongoing. Cookie program prizing and recognitions happen on the local level, and for the 2019 cookie season, girls who sell 1,000 packages or more are identified as “Cookie CEOs” by Girl Scouts of Colorado. Charlotte and her troop use their cookie earnings to give back locally—including donating the money to enable Colorado girls in need to afford to become Girl Scouts, as well as collecting thousands of school supplies for students in need. "

Jason Momoa has yet to comment, but other parents have shared theirs, saying that they have some pretty mixed feelings on this marketing strategy. Is it genius or is it teaching your child that "sex sells?" 

What happened to mom or dad bringing the cookie order sheet to work and placing it in the breakroom? My mom did that when I was a Girl  Scout and she ended up crushing it for me every year; but that was also when selling 350 boxes of cookies was a lot. Is it still?