Mayor Dog Duke

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Duke the Mayoral Dog Has Gone to Rainbow Bridge and We're at a Loss

Minnesota's most beloved dog mayor has died.

February 26, 2019

Four years ago, while I was working in Rockford, I came across a headline that read something like, "Small Minnesota Township Elects Dog as Honorary Mayor," and I darn near lost it. I thought to myself, "wow, that's pretty special and something that only my home state would do;" and because I had a personal connection to the story, I couldn't wait to share it on the air. 

If only I felt the same way about this headline from Kare 11 that made me tear up, "Duke, Dog Mayor of Minnesota Township, Dies..." Noooooooo. 

Duke, who according to his Facebook page, went to "doggie heaven" last Thursday. Duke's humans, Karen and Dave, say they plan on holding a memoriam for him in April at the Cormorant Town Hall. He was 12-years-old; that's like 91 in human years, so at least it was a good, long and judging from the outpouring of condolonces and photos, a happy life. 

Rest in peace, good boy.