florida man tries to pawn baby for a snapchat prank

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Dumb Dad's Snapchat Prank Prompts Massive Police Response When He Tries to Pawn His Baby

May 10, 2019

Can I start this story with a question? Why is everyone so obsessed with going viral on social media? What I thought was a top priority for kids these days is apparently a goal for middle aged dads, too. 

That's according to WFLA, who says 43-year-old Brian Slocum, who's a single dad from Sarasota, Florida (shocker), was recently turned on to Snapchat by his nephew and thought it would be a brilliant idea to secretly record himself trying to sell his 7-month old baby at a pawn shop. 

The one thing Brian forgot to do was tell the shop that he was joking when he told the sales person that his son was "barely used" and went as far as to ask how much the baby was worth; that's when he walked out and the guy behind the counter called the cops. 

In a matter of hours, the story about Brian was on the news and he freaked out. Dozens of cops showed up at Brian's house and he tried to explain what happened and ultimately he wasn't charged. 

No word on what the baby's mamma has to say; but if we're lucky, this story will end up on the new "Florida Man" show that's coming to the Oxygen Network by the end of the year.