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How much of this quarantine slang are you familiar with?

Being safer at home has caused us to develop a whole new vocabulary

April 27, 2020

Being quarantined at home has made life different for all of us and it makes sense that we've found brand new ways to describe different actions and feelings we've been experiencing.  BestLife has put together a long list of brand new words that if you haven't already used, you probably will soon. 

  • The 'Rona: Just a shortening of the term "coronavirus"
  • COVID-15: Kind of like the "Freshman 15," we all have the tendency to snack while we're at home all day...and we might all be putting on a little extra weight.
  • Quarantini: Any alcoholic drink you have while in quarantine
  • Iso: Short for "isolation"
  • Covidiot: Someone who is not taking the pandemic seriously
  • Coronacation: Kind of like a "staycation," where people take vacation at home
  • Zoom-Bombing: People are hacking into people's Zoom conference calls and often shouting racist or offensive things. Lots of students had been sharing their classroom links and passwords online and getting Zoom-bombed by strangers
  • Doomscrolling: Scrolling through social media reading the seemingly never-ending stories about how scary life is during this pandemic
  • Coronials: Our future generation? There might be a baby boom in nine months as everyone is at home together a lot more often
  • Zumping: Zoom + Dumping... the breaking up over a Zoom call as most people can't meet up