EXCLUSIVE: Morgan Evans Opens up on Marriage With Kelsea Ballerini

Plus, the country singer talks going to a “John Mayer place” with his guitar..

October 29, 2018

Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary on December 2. The country couple first met while co-hosting the 2016 CMC Awards in Australia and were engaged nine months later. 

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Although hosting an awards show was pretty stressful for the musician, it brought him the love of his life. “Just in that short time anyone who meets her falls in love with her, but I think I did for real,” Evans said.

Luckily for the romantic singer-songwriter, his lyrics do the talking and cover up for his lack of skill in the pick-up line department. Evans admits that after meeting Ballerini, they celebrated with a bottle of tequila which made things go a lot smoother.

Together they reside in Nashville, however, spend most of their quality time out on the road touring. Evans and Ballerini’s whirlwind romance has created quite the love story with him even writing a song for her on his new album, Things That We Drink To, titled “Dance with Me."

When they do have the opportunity to relax in Music City, the 33-year-old and his wife of course share ideas of new tunes with each other among other things. So, who does Evans channel when he picks up an acoustic guitar at home?

“I often go to a John Mayer place,” Evans admits. 

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