Andover Elementary school, messages of hope during coronavirus, coronavrirus challenge

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Andover Teachers Create Heartwarming Message for All the Students They Miss Because of COVID-19

Do your kids miss their teachers? They miss them too...

March 24, 2020

If you're home schooling your kids for the very first time, there's a pretty good chance that not only does your child miss their teacher; you do too. 

But guess what? Their teachers? Yeah, they miss their students, YOUR kids, very much; and a lot of them are doing the best they can to finish out the school year without even being able to say "goodbye" to their students. 

Knowing that the school year was pretty much over, the teachers at Andover Elementary got together to send their students a lot of love with some very touching and heartfelt words. 

If your student would like to write to their teacher, please have them do some "homework" and ask them to do so and send the letter to Mandy from the Wolf Wake Up Crew so she can read them on the air. You can reach her at Just send a photo of the letter along with your child's name, grade, age, school name and teacher name.