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Minneapolis Avocado Bar is Offering Free Meals for Families Affected by the Coronavirus

Avocadish is re-purposing their assets to help families in need

March 23, 2020

Birthdays, graduations and weddings aren't the only things that are being postponed or cancelled to the coronavirus outbreak; the opening of new restaurants are also being affected. 

Avocadish, a new restaurant concept that centers around the avocado and other whole and natural foods, has had to suspend the opening of their first location here in the Twin Cities for the time being. 

So their food and other assets don't go to waste, they're delivering food to families in need during the coronavirus outbreak; as long as they're able to under current order. 

According to a post on Reddit, they say, 

"Our team has decided to re-purpose our assets with an outreach aimed at responsibly preparing, delivering and donating 10,000 meals to Twin Cities families over the next 6 months. One group we would especially like to help is families dependent on service industry income, but anyone needing a meal is welcome.

We will be starting our deliveries this Thursday (3/26), and are planning to prepare and delivery 100 meals for 25ish families.

If you would like a meal, or an opportunity to volunteer preparing or delivering, please check the link below. **If we are unable to accommodate to you this session, we will still reach out to you and plan to have you on top of the list for our next session as we continue to scale."

Here is the link: