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Can Passing Gas Spread the Coronavirus?

Well, this is interesting....

April 21, 2020

You know how you need a mask to cover your face so you don't spread the coronavirus? Well, the same goes for your backside. 

According to a doctor in Australia, passing gas can spread the coronavirus.  

In a recent "Coronacast," Dr. Norman Swan says particles of feces are set adrift within a fart and therefore, it can spread COVID-19. He added that thankfully most of us wear a "mask" over our bottoms all the time, but he warns that you shouldn't engage in "bare-bottom farting;" and try not to fart when you're close to other people. 

Other doctors chimed in and said that it is possible to spread COVID-19 through "aerosolized feces," but there isn't enough research to 100% confirm that your flatulance is really both silent and deadly. 

With that said, we've been taught from the beginning of the outbreak that you should live your daily life like you have the virus already, and your goal is to not spread it to other people; so stay safe, stay home, and put some pants on.