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Minnesotans are Howling at Night to Show Support for Healthcare Workers and We're Here for It

Minnesotans are howling in solidarity to show support for healthcare workers

March 31, 2020

If you've been spending a lot of time scrolling through Facebook the past few weeks as a means to pass the time, you've probably seen videos from all over the world of people stepping out on their patios, decks and porches at the same time to play music, clap, cheer and sing for all the doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, EMTs, firefighters, police, and retailers all working on the frontlines to keep us safe during the coronavirus pandemic. 

I've been waiting to see something like that here, but I haven't seen anything yet; but, I did read something. 

In the Delano Community Page, a woman named Katie shared that she found a Facebook page called "Go Outside and Howl at 8" and she planned on participating; she added something we preach on the air all day long, "howling seems more appropriate as we're all in this together, we're a pack, and howling is just a great stress relief!" I couldn't agree more, Katie, and I am here for this innitiative. 

What do you say, WOLFPACK? Should we make it a date? This Friday night, let's get the entire family together to step out on our porches, decks and patios and howl for our healthcare workers.