Mendota Heights Police Department, when to call 911 about the coronavirus

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Mendota Heights PD Pens Hilariously Blunt Note to COVID Karens

The Mendota Heights PD wants you to stop calling them about kids at the playground

April 1, 2020

Had this been posted on the Mendota Heights Police Department's Facebook page today, I would've thought it was an April Fool's joke; but it was posted yesterday, so this hilariously blunt message to people who keep calling the police on kids who are playing at the playground while we're under a 'shelter in place' order is LEGIT...and it's hilarious. 

Scroll to the bottom to read the things to consider before you call the police and I dare you not to laugh.

Well done, Mendota Heights PD, well done. 

Thank you for keeping us all safe and reminding us to stay home.