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Tracy Holland via Facebook

Minnesota Families Are Sharing Love Through Hearts Posted in Their Windows

Let your neighbors know that we're in this together

March 25, 2020

If you've taken a walk around your neighborhood recently,  you might have noticed that even though your neighbors are keeping their distance, they're also taking the time to chat a little bit more. 

At least that's the case in my neighborhood. A simple wave or a headnod has turned into a verbal "hello, how ya holding up?" In return, we're all hoping to hear that Bill across the street and Patty a block over is holding up pretty well; and there's a new found sense of comradery and solidarity in the air. 

And that solidarity is being displayed in more ways than just acknowleding each other with some friendly conversation.  Families all across Wolf country have joined #AWorldofHearts, a movement created amid the coronavirus outbreak that encourages families to hang paper hearts in their window in an effort to let your neighbors and those passing by will know we are in this together!

Tracy in Delano shared hers on Facebook, and she says it's been a real help to her daughter who has high anxiety issues and in time that seems very scarey to her, this is the one thing that kept her at ease. 

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Tracy Holland via Facebook

Now the entire Delano committee is joining in on the effort. 

If you're looking for a project for your kids, surely they will love this...and so will everyone else.