how to spread joy during a pandemic, people are rehanging their christmas lights during the coronavirus

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Minnesotans Are Rehanging Their Christmas Lights in an Effort to Bring Joy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

What a wonderful idea

March 18, 2020

If you're tired of being trapped inside the house and you're looking for not only something for the kids to do, but a way to bring a little joy and cheer to your neighborhood, do what Jake Nelson of the Jake Nelson Band is doing- rehanging Christmas lights.

In a post that he shared on Facebook, along with a photo, Jake says, "Im turning our Christmas lights back on so our neighborhood and community can cheer up a little in these interesting times. #thelittlethingsinlife #doingmypart #coronachristmas." 

Jake, who lives in Arlington, is encouraging others to join him and members of the WOLFPACK are totally on board. 

Brock says, "I took my lights down, but I'll turn the blowups on when I get home from work!"

And Amber said, "I love this, I actually am considering doing this at work so seniors have somrthing beautiful to see each night."

Don't blame Jake if we get snow because of it, just thank him for the idea and let's see if we can help him make #coronachristmas a thing!