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Minnesotans Share Some of the Most Heartbreaking Panic Buying Experiences on Social Media

Things are getting a little crazy out there

March 17, 2020

Check on your friends who work in retail; they are NOT OK; especially if their job hasn't been temporarily eliminated because of the coronavirus. 

My mom works at Costco in Eden Prairie and I make sure to check in with her daily to make sure she survived her shift. She's one of the many who have to restock the shelves every morning and she's usually out of there shortly after the store opens. It's the craziest she's ever seen it and there's no signs of it getting better any time soon. 

Thankfully, she hasn't witnessed anything like Elizabeth from Eden Praire experienced at Walmart on Monday.  In a post that she shared on the Eden Prairie Bulletin Board, she says, 

"I wanted to cry today at Walmart. We walked up and down the aisles and every other shelf was stripped bare— and that’s fine. It’s stuff. It will get restocked and I can always get a bag of rice from somewhere else, whatever. What really made me want to cry was when we pulled up to the checkout lane and made eye contact with the woman at the register who looked nothing shy of defeated. My husband jokingly asked “how crazy was it today?” And this woman had to hold back tears as she told him that somebody wrapped their hands around her neck and scratched at her face over a case of bottled water. That’s horrible. These retail workers are being put through the ringer and there is no reason, ever, where it would be acceptable to physically assault anyone over water. They deserve better. Be nice to the retail workers and the restaurant workers and your neighbors. Please."

The stories go on and on; from physical altercations over toilet paper, hoarding and verbal abuse towards store management and staff. 

This needs to stop immediately and we have to find a way to come together as a community.  

If you need to head to the store today, please remember to take a deep breath, stay calm, relax and be kind.