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Local Photographers Join #TheFrontStepsProject to Capture COVID19 Memories

Photographers want to capture this unique moment in history

March 22, 2020

With work put on hold for a lot of small and personally owned businesses, people temporarily out of a job are not only looking for a way to make ends meet; they're looking for a way to give back and support their own community during this very bleak and difficult time. 

Inspired by a family photographer in Massachusetts, local photographers have decided to join the #TheFrontStepsProject. 

In exchange for a random act of kindess, a photographer will drive by your house and do a 5 minute photo shoot of you and your family sitting on your front steps. 

Photographers like Kelsey Schuckman are eager to do their part and assure that she will be taking every precaution to ensure your family's safety. 

If you or someone you know is a photographer, we encourage you to share this and ask if they'd be interested in joining the movement. Let's capture the good of this unprecedented time in our country's history while we still can.