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Small Minnesota Town Buys 13,000 Cans of Beer in 3 Days

Wells Liquor Store sold 13,200 cans of beer in 3 days

April 9, 2020

I don't know who needs to hear this, but drinking alcohol is not an effective way to cure your coronavirus cabin fever. 

That's according to the World Health Organization, who says that alcohol sales have risen over 55% since most of the country went into lockdown a few weeks ago. 

Sales associates at Wells Liquor Depot, in Wells, can confirm that for them, that percentage might even be little higher. 

The small town,which is northwest of Albert Lea, only has a population of 2,300, yet they purchased 13,200 cans of Busch Light in three days. 

Fox 9 says that on a typical day, the small liquor store averages about $1500 in sales a day; but they hit a record with a whopping $11,000 total, in one day, in liquor sales.

Things have settled down now that we're past Saint Patrick's Day and people are starting to get into a routine with the SIP, but Wells Liquor assures their community that they'll always have plenty of Buschhhhhhhhh Light in stock.