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These Are the Top Signs You're STILL Quarantined in Minnesota

April 20, 2020

With the state of Wisconsin announcing that they're extending their "safer at home" order until May 26th, Minnesotans are preparing for the announcement that we'll be next. 

Although Governor Walz gave us a tiny bit of relief with reopening golf courses and other recreational areas, there's still a chance we could be hunkered down for another month or more. 

We're not quite sure how we feel about that, be we're definitely sure that the following things below are things that we've already been feeling, thinking and experiencing since the lockdown began a month ago. 

Here are the top signs (in no particular order) that you're still being quarantined in Minnesota:

  1. "Tatertot hotdish is getting old," Johnathan
  2. "When you get excited to sit at a CHURCH parking lot so your kiddo can ride their scooter," Meggan
  3. "Your making your 1st quilt out of Homer Hanky’s from years past," Aaron
  4. "You've started panic buying Heggie's pizzas," Sarah
  5. "Your snack stash includes Old Dutch potato chips and top the tater," Seth
  6. "You're started listening to classic Twins games on WCCO because you miss baseball," Justin
  7. "You'll throw bonfires on really nice nights...but with only 9 peope," Christal
  8. "Your coronavirus face mask has a Vikings or Twins logo on it," Joe
  9. "Watching deer play in the streets of your neighborhood at dusk has replaced watching sports," Mike
  10. "When you bump into someone on accident, instead of 'OPE' you now say, 'NOPE, not even six feet past ya," Mandy

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