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This is How Long It Takes a Man to Happily Share His Food

Men will happily share their food with you, but it takes a while

February 21, 2020

When I met my boyfriend, Jason, 5 years ago, I knew he was the man for me because when he learned that I loved food, he shared his with me right away. 

Maybe it was because I made it very clear, up front, that I always get the last bite of everything, or because he's just extremely generous; but he would always give me a little bit off his plate. It started with breakfast sausage (which he actually gave to me down on one knee before) and he kept feeding me from there. 

Other food loving ladies, though, might not be so lucky. 

According to JOE (it's an actual lifestyle website BTW), it takes 4 months of being in a committed relationship before a guy will happily share his food with you. Don't even think of taking a single fry before then, either. 

Experts say it's because the way to a man's heart really is through his stomach, so if you love him, keep it full and let him eat. 

Another protip from JOE- wait until after 6 months before you start talking about your lady days.