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Viral Instagram Poll Reveals No One Hates Minnesota

State-versus-state rivalries are a VERY real thing.

January 21, 2020

You know how we have a rivalry with the state of Wisconsin? It was pretty obvious how much most Minnesotans hate our neighbors to the east after the Packers lost on Sunday; but it turns out that state rivalries are a VERY real thing and it goes beyond our professional sports teams. 

According to a viral post on Instagram, every state in the nation seems to hate another, but not one of them downright hates Minnesota. 

Thanks to everyone who voted. Tag someone from an enemy state.

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Wisconsin hates Illinois, and I know for a fact this is true; I lived in Lake Geneva for almost two years and every summer the town was infested with FIBS (what it means is not safe for radio) and they acted like they own the place. To be fair, it's not the entire state of Illinois that Sconnies hate, it's really just Chicago- which most people from Illinois think should be a separate state anyway. 

Looking at the rest of our neighbors, Iowa hates Nebraska and of course the Dakotas hate eachother. 

California has the most other states that hate it, with nine; and Florida is the only state where the least favorite state is ITSELF.