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Iron Tap Waconia via Facebook

Waconia Bar & Grill Dazzles With Dressed Up Curbside Deliveries

April 22, 2020

Imagine you're pulling into the parking lot of your favorite place for takeout; you pull into a spot near the front door and put the car and park. As you're waiting for one of the staff members to bring out your bags filled with burgers and BBQ, you look down on your phone to pass some time. Before you know it, there's a tap on your window and as you look up you're startled at first, but then you start to laugh because the person bringing you your food is dressed up as T-Rex. 

That person is Greg James, owner of the Iron Tap in Waconia. 

According to Kare 11, Greg gets dressed up in a different costume every night to bring joy and laughter to his customers ordering takeout. His costume closet includes sharks, an astronaut, and the T-Rex, of course. 

The costumes have been such a big hit that the Iron Tap's daily specials are typically sold out by 2pm, which has helped them stay open and keep all of their employees on staff.