ZaRoni's Oshkosh, ZaRoni's a Macaroni and Pizza Pub

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Wisconsin Pizza Place Adds Toilet Paper to Its Menu to Help with Community's Shortage

Pizza and toilet paper delivered right to your door

March 16, 2020

If you've been on social media the last couple of weeks, there's a pretty good chance that not only have you seen all the meme's about the coronavirus toilet paper shortage/outage, you've seen photos and videos of people standing in line to buy it, hoard it and do god knows what with it because with COVID19, you don't really need it. (it's respiratory, it doesn't cause diahrea, in case you haven't heard) There's no way you want to get caught up in that mess. 

Now, with the chance of restaurants and bars closing like they did in Illinois and Ohio, soon your only option is to order for delivery or take out.  Luckily for residents of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, not only can they order pizza for delivery, they can get their toilet paper delivered too. 

According to Fox News, Zaronis in Oshkosh, Wisc., posted on its Facebook page that they not only had toilet paper, but were willing to sell it. 

Zaroni's owner, Jon Doenel, said he's not trying to make a significant profit off the sales and that the price of four roles, $3.25, covers wages for his employees.